Acquisition X

Canadian Whisky

Headframe’s first 10 year whisky, Acquisition X Canadian Whisky is created in that same diverse spirit that built Butte, America. Distilled in Canada, brought to Butte and aged for 10 years in Red Wine cabernet barrels, White Wine chardonnay barrels and our Neversweat Straight Bourbon Whiskey barrels. After maturation, our head distiller thoughtfully blended the spirits, acquiring a new and distinct character that we are proud to call Acquisition X.  The base product of our Acquisition is a Canadian Whisky, which is known for being a lighter, sweeter and softer whisky on the palate. Distillers in Canada, Cellarmen in Butte, Coopers from Europe and the Midwest worked together, blending their talents to make something unique and amazing, just like Butte, America where we celebrate our multicultural history with every sip.