One size very rarely fits all. Our internal engineering and fabrication teams provide specialized customization services suited to the needs of your distillery and operations. We have direct experience in CO2 capture systems, grain handling and separation systems, modular boiler houses and utility systems and plant industrial controls integration.

We offer:


Our consulting team possess extensive experience in the field of distillation of over 20 years and millions of gallons of finished product and specialized experience in the production of beverage alcohol for over 10 years. We will assist you with every aspect of your distillery needs, from conceptualization to commissioning to production (mashing, fermentation, distillation, barrel and logistics management).

Our team contains experience across a wide range of product types and distillation processing methods; including but not limited to;

Headframe Stills curates a Community of professionals who are at the top of their fields in beverage alcohol, distillation technology, utility systems provisions and packaging. We personally vet each group that we chose to work with for their level of knowledge and direct experience in the field of beverage alcohol. If we don’t have the answer in house, we have direct and immediate access to the companies and individuals who are recognized as the best in their field. By working with Headframe, you will receive a one-stop-shop to a host of world class resources.


If you require training on any aspect of running a distillery, our team is prepared to host you at our facility or we can come to your distillery and train you in situ on your equipment. At our facility in Montana we produce 4,000 barrels of Single Malt Whiskey annually. By utilizing this location to custom train you and your entire team, we will quickly bring you up to speed on all aspects of running distilleries with training on;


Headframe Stills’ team is a cross-functional group of engineers and fabricators who are capable of solving most any issues a distillery may encounter. We are highly experienced in maintaining rotating equipment, Instrumentation and Electrical controls and large distillation systems not directly fabricated by Headframe Stills. 


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