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Lemon Ginger Martini

Long to make, quick to drink

Looking to elevate your bartending skills? Impress your friends by infusing your High Ore Vodka with flavors of Lemon and Ginger. While this needs to be prepared a head of time, it will be all worth it once you, and your loved ones you are sharing with, take the first sip.


Roughly 2 inch piece of Fresh Ginger
2 Large Fresh Lemons
2 oz Lemon/Ginger infused High Ore Vodka
1 oz Headframe Ginger Peppercorn Simple Syrup
Angostura Bitters


Procedure for infused High Ore Vodka
Peel Ginger and slice into small pieces
Cut 2-3 Lemons into quarters
Place Lemon and Ginger in a wide mouth Mason Jar
Pour two cups of High Ore Vodka in Mason Jar
Let sit for 1-2 weeks until you get your desired flavor
Shake or stir occasionally as the flavors infuse
Strain the Fruit and Ginger, then discard


Procedure for Martini
In a shaker add all ingredients including ice
Shake well until chilled
Strain into a Martini glass
Garnish with a Lemon twist and Candied Ginger


Special Tools
Mason Jar with lid
Fruit Zester


Add ice and top with Ginger Ale for a cocktail version

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Lemon Ginger Martini

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