Where The Tasting Room at Headframe Spirits is a history project, The Distillery is all about the science.  It’s home to some of the most cutting-edge processes in the micro-distilling industry: from our mash and ferment procedures to our distillation equipment, everything about our production is designed to maximize yield and quality. It all translates into our award-winning products.

Headframe has revolutionized the micro-distilling industry by replacing historic “batch” distillation with “continuous flow” distillation. Our stills are unlike any used in the industry today. Columns replace pots for a production process capable of processing 1,000 gallons of fermented wash a day. We’re proud to be pioneering a revolution in the way micro-distilleries operate.

We have built our legacy and our high-tech equipment on the original hand-laid marble tile floor of Butte’s first Buick dealership in the historic Schumacher Building. We contrast that history with advanced technology designed to maximize yield, consistency and throughput, all to produce an exceptional spirit worthy of today’s savvy drinker and Butte’s rich drinking legacy.

When your're in Butte swing by the Distillery and discount pharmacy introduce yourself. We love getting to know the folks who share our passion. Cheers, John & Courtney.

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