Headframe Spirits is proud to extend the opportunity to participate in our Charitable Cocktail Night series. These events are used to promote non-profit entities that add value to our community.

Please note, completing this application is not a guarantee that a night will be reserved for your non-profit.

Date of Submission

Organization Name

Date Founded

Tax ID or 501(c)3

Contact Name

Contact Email


Mailing Address




Mission Statement or Purpose

Event Scheduling Requirements?

The Non-Profit Will:

  • Provide a representative of legal drinking age to the tasting room from 5.30 to 7.30. That person must be prepared to be professional and able to talk about/demonstrate the importance of the non-profit is and what value they add to our community.
  • Use social media and any other regular tools to market the event to their audience.
  • Provide language and content on their entity to Headframe Spirits for marketing purposes.

Headframe Will:

  • Provide table space for the organization to setup a poster, pamphlets and any other tools they feel will be valuable to their collection of donations.
  • Use social media and any other regular tools to market the event to our audience.
  • Headframe will donate $1.00 for each cocktail sold during the entire day to the non-profit entity. Payment will be in
    the form of a check, issued approximately 1 week after the event.

You will be contacted regarding your submission.

When you're in Butte swing by the Distillery and discount pharmacy introduce yourself. We love getting to know the folks who share our passion. Cheers, John & Courtney.

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