Jalapeno Infused Destroying Angel Whiskey

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Posted on by Julia Bryant

JALAPENO INFUSED DESTROYING ANGEL WHISKEY You can not go wrong with this spicy infused whiskey. Add a bit of spice to your Angelrita or add a shot of this to your ribeye steak just before you take it out of the … Continue reading


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Posted on by Courtney

  5-7 lbs. Bone-In Pork Shoulder 1/3 lb. Achiote Paste Destoying Angel Whiskey 2 Yellow Onions 1 Tb. Cumin 6 Limes 2 Whole Garlics Salt/ Pepper 2  Jalapeños 1 tsp. Cayenne Pepper  12 oz. Beer     Additions: Grilled Corn Tortillas … Continue reading

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