Located on ground floor the Schumacher Building at 21 S. Montana Street in Butte (originally Butte’s first Buick dealership), The Tasting Room is home to the historic Rocky Mountain Bar from Teddy Traparish’s Rocky Mountain Café, which was located in Meaderville, Butte’s Italian neighborhood. Teddy was an immigrant and a true self-made man, and his menu was the “fanciest” in the West. When mining operations expanded, the community of Meaderville was abandoned and the bar from the Rocky Mountain wound up at the World Museum of Mining, where it was on display for many years. We’re proud to be home to the famous bar where you’ll raise a glass next to old-timers, college students and present day miners—we’re all equals when we belly up to the bar.

Folks from all corners immigrated to Butte in the early 1900s, turning it into the most ethnically diverse place on the planet. The Irish, Cornish, Finnish, Welsh, Czech, Italian, Chinese and many more have strong ties to our community. Butte was built on the sweat, hard work and sometimes the lives of Butte’s immigrants. Their spirit lingers in the language, architecture, food, culture and, of course, the drinking.

Spirits were a big part of Butte’s history and we’re proud to join in as the first legally distilled spirits producer in Butte. There were, and still are, more bars in Butte than anywhere else in Montana. Moonshining was commonplace back in the day. We still have folks stop in and tell us stories about their grand pappy running a still in the kitchen or out in the woods, or their great aunt running one under the floor in the bathroom.There was so much moonshine being made in Uptown Butte that once during prohibition the sewer line on Main Street blew up from the pressure of the dumped fermentation. That’s a heck of a hooch-making legacy to live up to.

When your're in Butte swing by the Distillery and discount pharmacy introduce yourself. We love getting to know the folks who share our passion. Cheers, John & Courtney.

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