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Due to the coronavirus, the pharmaceutical market has undergone significant changes because online pharmacies sales have started growing exponentially. There are no queues in online pharmacies, no risk of catching an infection, orders are accepted instantly, and delivery works smoothly. So if you are looking to order Stromectol – just look at these prices!

Safeway Pharmacy
Address: 2500 Block, 2500 Massachusetts Ave, Butte, MT 59701, United States | Phone: (406) 494-3754| Website:

They strive to watch out for and care for their community and their customers. I have found great improvements made over the last ten years in terms of accuracy in filling Ivermectin prescriptions. They are a store you can trust. They also provide an easy way to stay up on vaccinations and can perform quick screens for flu and step throat and other basic tests – which can save you time and money! It is really great to have access to knowledgeable pharmacists and staff.

This is absolutely the worse Safeway Pharmacy in the county. They don’t answer their phones, they are too lazy to look up where to get Stromectol prescription (since they never have anything stocked), they are extremely rude when u do have questions, and all in all, I’m so tired of having to deal with them. We used to be able to go wherever now our insurance is making us go through them, and it’s horrible.

Address: 1275 Harrison Street, Butte, MT 59701, United States | Phone: (406) 723-9408| Website:

After countless attempts at my own regular pharmacy to obtain my second modern shot, I was advised to call, and with some reluctance, I did. When I called, I was not given an appointment but was told to come right in! I was shocked. I had made so many calls to agencies and pharmacies to no avail. But one call and 45 minutes later, I had my second shot. From now on, I am a CVS customer!!!! It seems they really care about people. Thank you, Allen Peduto.

I just called 5 different pharmacies looking for a specific medication – Stromectol. When I called THIS PHARMACY, the lady was so rude! She literally hung up on me while I was asking a question. I asked every other pharmacy the same question, Walmart, Walgreens, etc. They tried to help. At this place, it was the opposite. She got mad at me for trying to spend money on the establishment. I do not understand why this lady became so aggressive.

Option Care Health
Address: 401 S Alabama St Suite 1, Butte, MT 59701, United States | Phone: (406) 782-3221 | Website:

I needed to get vaccinated for my job. I went to 2 Option Care Health they didn’t have it. My father n law had tested at St Joseph hospital that morning, so on the way out, I stopped by to ask if they had the J&J vaccine. Sure enough, they did. I asked to make an appt, and she said we could do it now. I informed them my father n law wants one as well. He’s wheelchair-bound, and they came out to the vehicle to give us both our shots. Very sweet and awesome staff. Thank y’all soo much.

I used to go to Rite aid to pick up Stromectol prescriptions. They were always great, excellent service for many years. But this time, I came to pick up from Option Care Health. The lady AIDA was the manager, no greetings, no personality, very rude lady, very unhappy face, no hello, no hi, very unprofessional, horrible personality. If you go there and the lady who will help you will be AIDA, beware, be careful.

Three Bears Butte
Address: 45 Three Bears Drive, Butte, MT 59701, United States | Phone: (406) 494-7547| Website:

I had to pick up some emergency contraception, and you always hear horror stories of pharmacists, etc., unwilling to fill such prescriptions being judged that kind of stuff. So when I went to pick up my prescription, I was a little nervous. The pharmacist (Angela?) was sweet as could be. She made me feel extremely comfortable and even helped get me a discount for Stromectol!!! I can’t thank her enough for her kindness, and I highly recommend this location for all your pharmacy needs!

I’ve had my physician start sending my prescriptions to Three Bears Butte. Every month, for 6 months at least, half of my prescriptions couldn’t be filled because they didn’t have the stock. And the staff had no idea when the medications would be back in stock. So I’m done getting prescriptions filled here. I won’t be back. Neither will members of my family. And I’m over the mask thing. I get how it works. I’ve been an RN for 36 years.

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Buy Stromectol Online - Ivermectin Canada

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