Bourbon Smash Waffle

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Posted on by Julia Bryant

It’s breakfast time!

Our Bourbon Smash waffle is an ode to the popular drink with a few delicious additions, like Cheesecake, Mmm…

Creamy whipped cream with a zest of lemon and the freshness of mint. What could possibly be better?!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Waffle (you know how to make that. I used Kodiak Power Waffles, Cinnamon Oat)


1 Shot Neversweat Bourbon Whiskey

2 Tb. Cheesecake Pudding Mix

5.3oz Lemon Yogurt (I went with Chobani Lemon Yogurt)

Fresh Mint

2 cups – Heavy Whipped Cream

1 tsp. Vanilla

3 Tb. Granulated Sugar

Whip your heavy cream until soft peaks begin to form, add your sugar and vanilla then whip again until the peaks stiffen. In a separate bowl, add 1 shot of Neversweat Bourbon and mix in cheesecake pudding powder. Once incorporated, add your lemon yogurt and finally your whipped cream. Take two or three large mint leaves and place them into your whipped mixture (Be sure to remove them before serving).

Serve a hefty dollop onto a buttered and syrupy waffle then finish with a sprig of mint.

Mmmmmm…. enjoy.

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