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Headframe’s John McKee co-recipient of the 2022 Artisan Spirit Distiller of the Year

Posted on by Mackenzie Quinn

In 10 years and almost 900 miles apart, John McKee of Butte, MT and Johnny Jeffery of Reno, NV have become close friends. Close enough that you could actually ask one about the other and hear their entire life story … Continue reading

In one year, Headframe Spirits builds a new distillery & distills 1,000 barrels of Single Malt Whiskey

Posted on by Mackenzie Quinn

Headframe Spirits is proud to announce that today they filled their 1,000th barrel of American Single Malt Whiskey in just a single year of production, utilizing the new distillery expansion at the Kelley Distillery in Butte, MT. The Kelley Distillery … Continue reading

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